Find kindred users from Twitter.

Welcome to Frenda

Frenda is Twitter mashup services.
One click, users will find the fit and feel of you.New Users First, Twitter let's allow collaboration. Please LOGIN to the button.

User Guide

STEP.1 In the upper right "LOGIN" button and click, please login. (Who is already logged in the next step.)

STEP.2 If your Twitter data is displayed, is still logged. "START" Please click the button.

STEP.3 After a brief wait, the user's icon appears in the list that matches you. I find people here care for each other, please follow.

About frenda

CashipanTwitter is a fresh registration when the advice was just what many try to follow. But whom should I follow?? From my experience this and made this web service.

Log in to Twitter, please click the Start button. Tweeting from your lists so users find each other and care for you. I find the user you wish to follow from there!